Clearing Supervisor at KCB Bank Dar es Salaam-HQ April, 2019

Clearing Supervisor

Key Responsibilities: 
  1. To oversee all inward and outward instruments (cheques and eft’s) are passed/ credited customers’ accounts on the same day without delay.
  2. Validation of all inward cheque.
  3. To unpay cheques for  funds and  technical  reasons
  4. Validate of all outwards cheques before sending file to BOT to validate if they are all balanced.
  5. Conducts call backs to all inwards cheques above 1.
  6. Sending clearing files to BOT for clearance.
  7. Create new customers in Quick Pay as well as processing Quack Pay files.
  8. Sending Cheque Book request to printer and share production report for branch reconcilaition
  9. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by supervisor.
Daily Responsibilities: 
  1. Sending clearing files to BOT for clearance
  2. To ensure all received cheque book order sent to branches within time.
  3. To insure all unpaid cheques were send to branches for Pay/No Pay decisions.
  4. To perform call back and validation for all inward cheques above one million but and to USD above one million.
  5. Ensure all quick pay files received from customers are process and make sure relative charges are collected.
  6. Checking of posting for verifying that all exceptional items are gone through.
  7. Unpay cheques for funds and technical reasons.
  8. Daily sharing of reports related to bounced transaction to branches and to customers for action as well as sharing of IRD’s to branch management /corporate team for customers advice

  1. Limit of Authorization:
Working on transaction not more than 20 million TZS /USD 10 thousand
  1. Challenges: 
System Failure  that include T24 down to timely post cheques, Efts , Settlement vouchers and network s for receiving and sending inward or outward  files from /to corresponding banks

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